Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble to dance at Pageant

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dream come true moment. We are honored to announce - Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble will be dancing at the 2017 Mrs. Colorado America Pageant. #mrspageant #mrsdream#cleoparkerdance 
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Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble is internationally esteemed as one of America’s foremost modern dance companies.   Under the direction of Cleo Parker Robinson, the Ensemble performs a dynamic body of works inspired by the African American experience and rooted in ethnic and modern dance traditions worldwide. Legendary and emerging artists alike are drawn by the spirit of the company to create works that transcend the boundaries of culture, class and age while unequivocally communicating the complexity of the human condition.  Seen by an estimated 2,000,000 fans throughout the United States and more than 20 countries on five continents, CPRDE continues to be a leader in dance innovation and the promotion of American dance heritage.