Nicki's Pageant Secrets: Shoes

Pageant week can be torture on your feet, especially if you don't typically wear heels. So here are some tips to help your feet survive four days of high heels.

1.     Chunky heels

Wearing the thickest possible heel that still compliments your outfit will help. During more casual rehearsals, if you must wear heels, try a wedge or stacked heel. This will also give you more confidence while strutting your stuff on stage.


2.     Platforms

If you can find shoes that have a platform under the ball of your foot, it makes a super high heel not seem so super high. It also gives you a nice base to step onto as you walk. Again, make sure it still compliments your outfit.


3.     Straps

Having a strap that comes across the top of your foot or across your ankle is always a good idea. It helps to keep your foot in place and prevents it from sliding down. To keep straps comfortable check out Foot Petals Strappy Strips.


4.     Switching Shoes

Last year I thought it would be a great idea to wear the same shoe throughout the entire pageant. I was dead wrong. The shoes I wore were uncomfortable and caused such pain, by the time I made that Top 5 walk I thought I was going to die. Throughout the week wear different shoes and if you can for competition switch them out from Eveningwear to Swimsuit. Your feet will thank you.


5.     Invest in Quality Shoes

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Spend a little more for comfort. Also, it may be worth investing in some shoe solutions like those from Foot Petals to make your shoes as comfy as possible.


6.     Keep your Feet Healthy

Your feet and ankles have tons of muscles, tendons and bones. It’s important to remember to work them out just as you do the rest of your body. Stretching every day as well as these foot and ankle strengthening exercises can make a huge difference in how you walk. The stronger your feet and ankles are the more confident you’ll feel in those heels.