Where Will You Find Your Greatness?

Are you toying with the idea of competing for the title of Mrs. Colorado America, but something is holding you back? It's impossible to finish a goal that we don't start. Without taking the first step, goals are just nice ideas that fail to ignite our true potential.

As Mrs. Colorado America I get asked a lot of questions, especially questions about what it takes to win. There must be a magic formula right? To that I say, NO WAY! Here are some Mrs. Colorado America pageant myths debunked.

Do I have to be a perfect 'Barbie Doll'?
Barbie doesn't exist. It's about who you are as a person. For more insight, read Some of My Best Friends Are Beauty Queens, by Tricia Dampier, Mrs. CO 1989.

What if I have already won another title?
We don't care what your pageant history has been. Christina Sacha, Mrs. CO 2008, held the title of Little Miss America. Shalon Polson, Mrs. CO 2010, was Miss Teen CO USA 1997 and placed in the top 10 at Miss Teen USA.

What if I'm not originally from Colorado?
We don't care where you grew up, just that you live in Colorado now and want to represent our wonderful state. Marney Duckworth, Mrs. America 2007 and Mrs. CO 2006, was raised in Nebraska and later moved to Colorado.

Do I have to be a college graduate or accomplished professionally?
Debi Moore, Mrs. CO 1994 was a stay-at-home mother and Toni Cole, Mrs. CO 1990 was a full-time student when they won. Your life experience is what matters.

What if I didn't win on my first try competing?
Experience is gained through competing. Raeanne Smith, Mrs. CO 2000, competed for four years before winning. Traci Holman, Mrs. CO 2001, competed twice and won.

What if I'm really busy?
Busy women know how to get things done. Courtney Graham, Mrs. CO 2012 ran her household and worked full-time while raising two boys active in many different sports.

Do you have to have children to win?
We have had several titleholders that did not have children including Jennifer Lamont in 2005 and Megan Yarberry in 2009, who also placed in the top 10 at Mrs. America.

What if I am pregnant or working on getting pregnant?
Deandre Warren, Mrs. CO 1997, was pregnant when she won. Tiffany Sawyer, Mrs. CO 2007, was pregnant during her reign. We are family at Mrs. Colorado America.

Is there a height minimum or maximum?
There are no height requirements to win. Sheri Engstrom, Mrs. CO 2004 is 5'4" and Gina Mulholland, Mrs. CO 1998 is 5'3".

Am I too old or too young?
The only age requirement is that you must be at least 18-years-old. We have had winners from 21 to 39 years old. Janet Horvath was 39 when she won in 1991, Mina Muirhead was 37 when she won in 2013. Elisabeth Cartmill was only 21 when she won in 2003.

What if I can't afford it?
We have many sponsorship ideas especially since the Mrs. America Pageant has teamed up with Vault Denim.  Plus, we have a new Share the Journey program to help you cover your expenses because life is more fun when it's shared.

What if I don't fit the mold?
There is no defined mold. Blair Morgan, Mrs. CO 1991, was in the military. Janell Ames, Mrs. CO 2011, is a self-confessed tomboy and placed second runner-up at Mrs. America. I won with a short pixie haircut.

What if I have no pageant experience?
Over half of our contestants are "new" to pageantry. Both Amy Nugent, Mrs. CO 1996, and Sharon Nuanes, Mrs. CO 1981, won in their first year competing.

When I am gathered with my sister queens from years past or even at the Mrs. America competition just a few weeks ago, one thing I notice is that we are all so different. That's what I love about this program. As married women we all bring something unique to the pageant world.

Together, we have conquered fears, overcome challenges, discovered passions. We believe the starting line is a springboard to accomplishment and that the finish line is simply a metaphor for achievement. 

We are strong. Fierce. Able. And kind. We are destined for greatness. 
- Athleta Lifetime Espirit de She

If you have more questions about competing visit our website, www.mrscolorado.com or leave a comment below.