A Member of the Mrs. Colorado America Family Remembered

Upon hearing the very sad news of the loss of our amazing Mrs. Colorado America videographer, I went looking for a quote that might touch, at the very least, on the professionalism and peaceful presence Phil Lucero carried with him.  As the videographer, Phil was charged with the task of capturing the moments that encompass what the Mrs. Colorado America pageant entails.  Phil was the consummate professional, he never failed at being exactly where we needed him to be at exactly the time we needed him. He made those he was capturing in his lens feel at home- or at least as close to feeling at home one can feel while competing for the Mrs. Colorado America title.  One of the biggest tasks he was asked to complete, was sitting in on during the personal interviews. Having him behind the camera, as inconspicuous as he could be, never hindered the contestants in their time with the judges.  The mementos Mr. Lucero created for our women will forever be treasured.  We will miss you Phil.  God bless you and prayers go out to his wife Vera and family.