The Night I Met Ella

You know those people you meet that change your life? Those people you will always remember? I had the sincere pleasure of meeting one of those people last night. She isn't famous, she isn't a politician or CEO, she is a nine year old little girl from Riffle, CO.

Ella was last night's ambassador for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at the Glamour & Giving gala. She is funny, beautiful, and has such a bright smile. She also has adrenal cancer, a cancer that has been deemed terminal and yet she is living life like a normal little girl. Last night Ella got up on stage in front of hundreds of women and bravely shared with us the story of her fight with cancer, strutted her stuff on the runway and even told us a very funny knock knock joke. 

I was in awe of her strength and grace. As a mother listening to Ella's story I couldn't help but imagine how I would handle having a sick child. I know that many of the women who have competed in the Mrs. Colorado pageant have been dealt this card in life and I have so much respect for you. To learn more about Ella watch the video below. If you would like to support the work of St. Jude you can donate here.