Saying Goodbye...

Yesterday was truly a once in a lifetime experience.   This week I've been savoring each day as one of my last as Mrs. Colorado 2013.  I competed for four years to ultimately win this title.  Each year I had tremendous growth, successes and challenges as well.  Of all the things I learned over the past 4 years, I really learned the most about myself.  When else in your adulthood would you sit down for hours at a time and contemplate your values, goals, stories and how these all interconnect?  This is what the Mrs. Colorado pageant did for me.

This year has been filled with so many blessings.  In August, I had the opportunity to compete with 50 of the most amazing women in all of the United States.  I have never experienced anything like those 10 days.  They were truly remarkable.

One of the things I am most proud of is co-organizing the Flood of Love event that benefited the Larimer County Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity.   The Food Bank was greatly depleted after the September 2013 Northern Colorado Flood.  Habitat for Humanity has a special program that will help those who lost their home in the flood rebuild.  A dear friend of mine lost her home in the flooding, which made this event even more important to me.

I was also a guest speaker with the Colorado Workforce Council, speaking about women in the workforce and the challenges we face today.  I was a special guest at the Scottish/Irish event in Estes Park.  My family goes to this event every year, so it was so special to be apart of the festivities as Mrs. Colorado.

During my year, I made over 50 appearances throughout Colorado, all while working full time and raising a family.  My family has been my biggest support.  My husband and children were at almost every single appearance.  It was truly a family commitment and we loved every single minute of it!

Thank you to my director Emily Stark and my coach Shalon Polson for making this year one of the greatest of my life.  Winning this title has changed my life.  It was truly magical and I am forever grateful.

Congratulations to Nicki Myers, Mrs. Colorado 2014.  She shined on stage last night!  I can't wait to watch her journey to Mrs. America and beyond.

Love to all.

Mina Muirhead, Mrs. Colorado 2013