It's a Girl Thing Lash and Wax studio is the preferred Lash Studio for Mrs. Colorado. Lashes are not only an accessory for pageants and special events, they are becoming an everyday accessory with lots of options and price points. 

Lara Coffman, Advanced Certified NovaLash artist at It's a Girl Thing, has taken her Lash Artistry skills even further by becoming certified in Volume Lashing. This technique has been around for years in Europe and it is now making it's way to the states. Volume Lashing is a ground breaking technique which involves 3 - 5 or more lashes attached to a single lash. The lashes used are faux mink lashes which are very soft and very light weight - light as feathers!
A total weight of 3 - 5 faux mink lashes is equal to one classic synthetic lash, so your lashes will not feel heavier with Volume Lashing. Faux mink lashes are applied to each lash several times creating amazing volume and length. Volume Lashes are easier to maintain for clients because they lightweight and more flexible. In the past, lash application has been limited by the number of natural lashes clients have, but with Volume Lashing, extensions are offering five times the volume per lash. Volume lashes are a very glamorous look that will surely bring out the DIVA in

NovaLash Classic Lash extensions are also  available at It's a Girl Thing. NovaLash extensions use synthetic lashes which are applied to your own individual lashes adding length and fullness
and giving you a natural classic look.  Whether you want a natural look or total glam lashes, It's a Girl Thing Lash and Wax Studio can achieve your lash look!

Contact Lara at It's a Girl Thing for more information at 720-515-0725 or