Goodness me...

It's been a month since I last posted and what a month it's been!  That's where the title of this post comes.  In my family when you view an event, or series of events,  and realize how fun/crazy/busy it was you say, "goodness me!"

In the last month I've had 8 Mrs. Colorado appearances.  These appearances are so precious to me.  Team Fort Collins is an organization that focuses on drug and alcohol prevention in youth.  The event was beautiful. I was honored to help with the live auction events.

I was able to visit the VA hospital as well.  I enjoyed listening to the stories of the men and women.  They were so open and friendly.  What I always find interesting is how easy it is to make connections.  Whether we come from the same town, know some of the same people or have similar experiences.  It doesn't matter the age or cultural differences, we can all find common ground and that is truly lovely.

Yet another gift of Mrs. Colorado is being able to participate in Dale Carnegie leadership training.  I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by!  I met 18 great people from around the state.  There was also a lady from Oklahoma there.  We started talking and realized she lived 10 miles from where I grew up!  I even went to high school with her next door neighbor!  The connections keep coming!

Last night my husband and I were invited to the Cat Rescue gala.  This northern Colorado organization was started by 2 vet techs about 10 years ago.  The employees and volunteers rescued over 200 cats during the flood relief last September alone!  Well, we didn't come home with an extra kitten.  I think our own cat, Johnny Rotten, would not appreciate sharing his space.

During this past month my daughter also turned 10, double digits!  Therefore, a slumber party was necessary.  My son participated in a band concert with his instructor, as well as giving a presentation to the Optimist Club of Windsor.

Also, did I mention I just finished working a 12 day stretch?  So yes...goodness me.  It's been quite a February.  The last photo is my current pile of laundry that I'm working on today.

I've done my best to be present for every moment as Mrs. Colorado.  I don't mean just showing up.  I mean soaking up the energy, loving the experience and giving fully of myself.  My time is coming to an end *sniff *sniff  - but now is the time to put my full energy into Mrs. Colorado 2014.  If you are participating, those four days will be beyond anything you have experienced before.  I am so excited to get to know each of you.  I know right now you are working hard to showcase your best selves.  Congratulations on taking this journey.  Be proud!  It's almost time to celebrate your hard work!

I think red is our color!

10th birthday party!

really bad selfie - but I won "Best performance"  @ Dale Carnegie!

Christian and his trombone instructor

Is that ok when your husband takes a better photo than you?

Today's project.  If I can't do it all, I'll skip laundry!