The queens took Seattle!

The gifts of being Mrs. Colorado continue to surprise me.  Last weekend fourteen state queens, our Mrs. World and the Colorado director, Emily, came together for a girls weekend.  It was truly one of the best weekends of my life! My queen sisters are women that are changing the world for the better.  They are intelligent, motivated, compassionate, funny and simply lovely.  It is so special to be apart of a group of many different personalities and backgrounds, while still be able to come together with love and commitment to each other.

We had a blast touring the Space Needle and underground Seattle.  We felt like celebrities running around Pike's Market.  Seeing Amy say her goodbye's, as Mrs. Washington 2013, on stage Saturday night while we handed her flowers was so memorable.  These are times that will stay with me forever.  These ladies are my friends, my sisters.

Friendships are so very important.  It is something that I haven't always valued in my life, but I have now learned to cherish.  I encourage you to reach out to your girlfriends if you haven't in a while.  These special women in your life will bring you joy and enlightenment and you for them.  Don't take them for granted.

Also my dear Emily, our time together was precious to me.  I love that I can be completely myself when I am with you.  You are an amazing woman! I cherish our friendship and feel confident that it will continue to grow throughout the years.