Yippee!! Christmas is almost here!  The last few weeks have been full of friends and fun!  I had such an amazing time at the queen Christmas party.  Courtney, Mrs. Colorado 2012, did a wonderful job hosting our event.  Next year is my turn and I'm already planning!  Well, maybe not planning quite yet...but definitely thinking about it!

I love getting to know the past Mrs. Colorado's.  We come from such different backgrounds and in a lot of ways live very different lives.  But the common thread is there.  These women will go to the moon and back for each other.  This was apparent from the very beginning.  When in new situations I've been accused of being shy.  When someone first said this to me I was completely taken aback.  I don't think of myself as shy at all! I really do enjoy meeting new people and learning what makes them special.  I just tend to get engrossed into finding out about the other person and forget to speak up! Little by little I'm learning all about these amazing women and enjoying every minute of it.

Another fun thing is this morning I found not one, but two packages on my front step.  The first was a plague from the Highlands Festival in Estes Park.  In September I was invited to be a special guest for the entire weekend.  Our family had so much fun!  I am blown away by their generosity.  The plaque is beautiful and something that I will forever treasure.

The next package was from my Mrs. America Secret Santa!  Mrs. Florida sent me a beautiful necklace, among other lovely gifts.  I think every year there are some amazing women that compete at Mrs. America.  But I think our group is extra special!  We talk regularly on Facebook, making each other laugh and supporting each other.  Our lovely Mrs. California organized the Secret Santa and it has been so much fun!  Then, come January, seventeen states are getting together for a girl's weekend in Seattle, Washington!  Mrs. Washington's 2014 pageant is that weekend and what a great excuse to get together!  We actual rented a house on Pugent Sound. We plan to shop, tour Seattle, laugh a lot and just enjoy our time together.

I know there is a lot coming up with Mrs. Colorado as well - ticket day and shopping day.  I will be there and cannot wait to see all of you!  You are starting an extra special journey and I can't wait to ride along with you!

Christmas present from my sister, Mrs. Florida

Mrs Colorado 2013 Christmas party!
Honored Guest plaque from Longs Peak Festival