Writing our gifts and goals...

Writing is such a gift.  We all write for many different reasons.  It could be to organize our lives, such as to-do lists or the grocery store.  Over the past year I've learned to better use my smart phone. It will give me daily reminders of emails that I need to send and clients I need to call.  I am also able to share calendars with my husband.  This is good with all the Mrs. Colorado appearances!

Writing to set goals is also really important.  At the start of the New Year this is, of course, a tradition.  I never liked the term "resolution."  It sounds intimidating, like a do-or-die situation.  It's no wonder people tend to break it!  I like the idea of goals.  For example, becoming more physically fit, or reading a classic novel.  I really like the idea of trying something new or stepping outside of your comfort zone.  This could literally be anything!  Let your imagination soar!

When you decide on a goal, it's important to make the list of what it will take to accomplish it, to make YOU feel you've reached your goal.  For instance, you've decided to compete for Mrs. Colorado.  Yes, a list of to-dos and deadlines is necessary.  Great dress, check.  Giant cheering section, check.  When I competed I was really good at all of those details.  Emily would always tell me I'm one of the ones she never had to worry about.  I would get it all done.  Even though that's important, it's not what I'm talking about here.  I'm talking about what will make you feel successful when you leave the stage April 12th.  Is it that you walked in your beautiful gown with grace and love for yourself?  Is it that you met some of the most wonderful women and now have life long friendships?  Of course you are saying, the crown!  That's what would make me feel successful and you would be right.  Go for it!  Each and everyone of you has the potential to have the crown on your head by the end of the night. But I also hope that this experience is so much more.  Because it most certainly can be.

When I came back from Mrs. America I had a dual going on in my head and my heart.  On the one side, I was so very disappointment in myself.  I knew the errors that had been made, so I wasn't confused about my lack of placement.  But, I would have loved a do-over!  The what-ifs would wake me up in the middle of the night.  On the other hand, I met some of the most amazing women!  Our conversations were deep.  We all had things we wanted to change about the world.  The women I met were sweet, intelligent, funny and my heart swells with love for all of them.  They are my friends for life.  How can I regret any part of that experience?  That's what I am hoping you do, enjoy the experience.  Be present in each and every moment.  When you do that not only are you able to absorb all the joy of competing, but you also shine the brightest.

That takes me to the final part of the importance of writing.  Thankfulness.  This past weekend I quickly posted on Facebook a few of the things I was doing.   Only when I did that, did I realize how blessed I am! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the gym (and now I am so sore!).  I do see being able to exercise as a blessing.  My mother-in-law passed away a year ago from lung cancer.  She also had MS for 20 years.  The disease had forced her to be wheelchair bound for the last 5 years of her life.  Anytime I'm think I just don't want to do it, I think of her and how she didn't have the option.

Then, out of the blue, a friend offered up her condo in Estes Park to my husband and I for the weekend.  Not only did we have a lovely dinner with her at the Stanley Hotel, Walter and I were able to spend some much needed quality time together.

Finally, tonight my darling daughter gave me a back massage for the mere cost of $5.  Can't get any better than that!

At the start of the New Year I encourage you to write down your goals and what it will take to reach them.  I love this time of year.  It feels fresh and open to all possibilities.  Make those possibilities into realities!