Mrs. Colorado's Favorite Beauty Items

1.  Every girl needs a friend that dresses better than she does - for me that is friend is Jen.  Recently, Jen was texting me about a "laser cut leather dress" she found and loved.  She bought it and planned on getting it altered, but when she tried the cut outs were now in the wrong place,  (If you know what I mean!)  Lucky for me I'm a size bigger and I snagged that dress right up!  It's something I never would have thought to get for myself, but I completely trust whatever Jen wants, I need!

The point is, leather is in!  When I first think of leather I think of tight minis and thick leather pants from the '80's.  Now leather is lighter and definitely more fun!  The skirts are full and the pants are sassy.  Everyone can look great in the right cut.

My friend Jen!

2.  What else is in this fall?  Plaid, animal prints, cigarette pants, bright colors and, of course, boots, boots and more boots!  YEA!!

3.  Maxey Cosmetics is a favorite of mine.  The product line was developed by a physician and scientist, raised right here in Colorado!  One of his products enhances and conditions eyelashes and is truly revolutionary!  I use this product every night and my eyelashes have never looked healthier!

4.  A great mascara to go along with those healthy lashes is Covergirl LashBlast.   It comes in a bright orange tube, you can't miss it!  My makeup artist Kari Kisch got me hooked to this brand.  I haven't bought anything else for the last 3 years!

5. I encourage you to try a lipstick in any shade that is out of your comfort zone.  MAC is a favorite of mine.  The last time I went to their store the makeup artist had on a deep shade of purple.  Something I never would have chosen on my own.  But I thought it was truly beautiful.  I bought it and A-Maz-ing!! I now see the advantage of a good lipstick.

6.  There are so many nail trends right now, and I love them all!  OK, well most of them.  I can't wear very many because I constantly work with my hands and even the best shellac only lasts 5 days on me.  But how cool are the dark colors, matte and glitter?!

7.  Let's talk Botox girls (and guys!).  Working at a Black Diamond Skin and Laser Clinic (top 1%!) I am very partial to this little miracle medicine.  If you have frown lines, forehead lines, or crow's feet there is nothing else that will soften the lines like a few small injections.  In the hands of an expert you will never look plastic or "overdone."

8. In my opinion Skin Medica is the best skin care line on the market.  I especially like the Essential Serum and the Eye Repair.  The Essential Serum is a double pump system.  One side is 94% human growth factor.  It's been proven to soften lines by 40% in 3 months! The 2nd side is 7 different antioxidants and 3 peptides.  Everything you need!  I recently left my Eye Repair at a hotel. :(   Within 2 weeks my eyes were looking dry and in desperate need of # 7 (see above)!  Eye Repair to the rescue!!

9.  I personally don't know a lot about Essential Oils. (except they smell wonderful!)  At Mrs. America all of us were constantly putting the oils on for different ailments, including headaches, body aches and exhaustion. I put doTERRA Lavender oil in my bath tub at night and fall instantly asleep!  It really does seem to take the tension away.  There is a whole assortment of products in their line that I am just starting to explore.  I can't wait to see what I find next!

10.  Finally, we all know that beauty starts on the inside.  I could write a whole article on this alone!  I work very hard at eating healthy and clean foods everyday.  But there are days when I just need a quick snack and finding something healthy can be a struggle. Foodie Fuel brand of snacks are my go-to and it's made in Boulder, Colorado.  I could seriously gobble up an entire bag in one sitting!  It's high protein and low glycemic.  The flavors include Chai Expresso and  Coconut Vanilla. It's healthy with no artificial ingredients.  Check out their website at: