Tips for Halloween Costumes

Guest Blogger: Sharon Nuanes, Mrs. Colorado 1981 and Costume Designer

A few things to think are the following: Where is it going to be ( inside or outside, outside with the kids that fur rabbit costume will keep you warm), is there a theme at the event (Storm Troopers don't belong at the Renaissance), how long will I be in it (is it hot, claustrophobic, my niece wore a gunny sack over her head, creeped me out ), what will I be doing (can't dance in rubber duck feet, can't sit well in a Tin Man costume ), how can you eat or drink (it's no fun sticking a straw under a Darth Vader mask for your husband that doesn't want to break character), and you don't want to frighten little children (taking off your head when your cookie monster).

Once you've decided think about the total costume from head to toe. Think about shoes or foot covers. When I dressed in a rabbit suit for a preschool party a little girl cam up to me and said, "I know who you are your Heather's mom". I asked her how she knew. She said, "your wearing Heather's mom's shoes. Think about your head covering, does your costume fit through the door, will people be stepping on your costume if it extends out, do you want to wear make-up or a mask, do you have props to carry or keep track of (canes, chains, purse, staff, etc), do you have a pocket for your keys, money, id ( I try to put a hidden pocket in all my costumes just for keys), little details add a lot (period jewelry, gloves, hats).

Getting a costume early is great for adults because you can add to it as you see accessories. Kids are fickle they change their minds too quickly to buy too far ahead.