Our amazing state!

Just as I'm sure most of you do, I have such love for our state.  I moved here when I was 16.  As you can imagine, that is not an easy time of life to start over.  I did not want to come and I made sure my mom knew it.  But, within a month I apologized, knowing I had found my new home.  Even when, 2 years later, I was offered a scholarship to play bassoon in New York I turned it down.  Now my mother was scratching her head.  (All of those private lessons!)  But again, I knew I found my home and had no desire to change course.  

Over the past week my love and pride for our great state has grown.  We have been through damaging tornadoes, horrific fires and now the worst flood we have seen in 27 years.  Yet our community has pulled together to help those in need.  

My daughter and I had the opportunity to volunteer for The Red Cross last week. We were placed on the call center.  My job was to take incoming calls from people looking for friends and family.  My daughter would then take that information and post it where the evacuees could find it.  We had calls from Ohio, California, all over the nation, as well as, Colorado.  Can you imagine not knowing if your loved ones were safe and well?  Donations and volunteers flooded the church where The Red Cross was based.  As time goes on and more help and clean up is needed my family and friends will be involved.  I hope you will too.