Angel Faces

First, let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those that have been effected by this immense flooding.  I know we are all so very thankful for our first responders and the lives they have been able to save.  Currently, the number rescued has surpassed 1200 and that does not include the hundreds of various animals as well.   THANK YOU!  We are more than grateful!

Yesterday I was invited to be apart of a very special event.  My darling friend Danette and I have known each other for the past 7 years.   When Danette was 10 years old she survived a house fire.  Danette has said that it took her 20 years to feel comfortable with the changes in her appearance since the accident.  Now, because of her personal experience she is deeply involved with an organization called Angel Faces.

Angel Faces was founded in 2003 to transform the lives of adolescent girls with burn/trauma injuries.  The founder, Lesia Cartelli, envisioned an annual healing and skill-building retreat that would inspire and nurture a community of these girls so they could reach their optimum potential - gain self-confidence, overcome the trauma of their injuries, conquer feelings of rejection and isolation, form meaningful friendships and support each other.

The goal is to send each girl to the week long camp with no or minimal cost to her and her family.  That, of course, means fundraising as much as possible so more girls have the opportunity to participate in this meaningful and necessary program.

Today was a poker run and live auction event.  Again, thank you to everyone that attended despite the other tragic events that surrounded us! Over $10,000 was raised!  I had the sincere honor of meeting two of the girls involved in Angel Faces.   These girls and their stories are inspiring.  If you want to donate to Angel Faces, or know someone that could use their services,  please visit the web site,

With my good friend Danette
Founder of Angel Faces, Lesia, and her husband
Survivor and all around amazing woman, Larisa!