Tucson here we come!!

Sorry I haven't written in a while!  It's been a crazy few weeks getting ready for Mrs. America.  I'm currently driving (well my husband is actually driving) to the airport.  Nothing like multitasking!!

This past weekend was my send off party for Mrs. America.  What a special event!  It was so nice to have the sisterhood come together for encouragement and advice.  It's a memory that I will always treasure!

I want to thank Tiffany Yee, DJ McDermott and Abby Richardson for nutritional advice, hair and nails before my trip.  You guys are awesome!  I appreciate all of your time and attention.  I also want to thank  Maxey Cosmetics for their sponsorship to Mrs. America.  I've been using their products and they are fantastic!  I can't add photos to the blog from my iPad, but I will add them to my Facebook page.

Blessings to you!  Don't forget to watch Mrs. America on August 28th.  It will be live streamed on the web site, mrsamerica.com.