Mrs. America here we come!!

Well ladies and gentleman, the time is quickly approaching for this gal to leave for Tucson, Arizona! As a full time working mother of two it's been quite a whirlwind preparing for Mrs. America.  My family has been amazing!!  All summer long I've been steadily working towards being well prepared for the next level of competition.  This past week I had a little moment of "Oh, I have A LOT to do!" My family rallied and I gave them all a separate list, from picking up dry cleaning to going to the post office.  My step-dad even took Ashley to get her new outfit for ballet!  (I'm sure she was pleased with that one, he surely bought her more than I would.)
I huge shout out to my friends, family, co-workers, and queen sisters!  You are amazing!  Your excitement, encouragement and most of all love has made this journey even more special.  I appreciate you more than you know.