The start of a journey

It's quite early in the morning, but I think I am too excited for the upcoming day to sleep!  Today I get to share in the excitement of my journey with my kids.  In a few short hours I will be on my way to the Parker Day's Parade.  Christian and Ashley (better known in our house as C and Cha Cha)  have already purchased candy to pass out and my daughter's favorite outfit is in the dryer.  After the parade I will be on my way to my first photo shot as Mrs. Colorado!  Anytime that I get to spend with the amazing photographer, Megan Anderson, is a great time!   

Finally, we will be off to the mountains to meet up with my husband, Walter.  Walter will be running the Tough Mudder today, along with my brother.  This is something Walter and I really enjoyed doing last year.  5 years ago the thought of running a 12 mile obstacle course up and down a mountain was not in my realm of thinking.  During my 4 years of the Mrs. Colorado competition I learned so much about myself.  I gained not only physical strength, but mental and spiritual strength as well.  I encourage you to find a goal that steps out of your comfort zone.  I truly believe that when we scare ourselves, even just a little bit, it's a great opportunity of growth.  This is where the "juiciness" of life happens-the events we remember forever.

Me, Walter and my mom at a mudder race