A Bronze Bod- Rockstar Spray Tans

A Bronze Bod- Rockstar Spray Tans

Growing up in Hawaii, I spent years basking in the sun.  Although those were fun memories, oh how I regret it.  Intense sun exposure is so dangerous and not worth the long term damage that it creates. I am so proud to say “good-bye sun damage and hello fabulous spray tans!”   
One of the sponsors of the Mrs. Colorado Pageant is Rockstar Spray Tans.  Athena LeBon is the owner and is just such a wonderful person to work with.  I have been a client of Athena’s prior to winning the title of Mrs. Colorado and was thrilled to learn that part of my sponsorship package as the current Mrs. Colorado is free spray tans for a year!  Wow, talk about hitting the jack pot!

At the Mrs.America Pageant Rockin my Spray Tan
Athena and staff are not only some of the most kind and fun people you’ll ever encounter but they are amazing at what they do.  I know some of you may be skeptical about spray tans and I have experienced streaky, orange, spray tans in the past so I can relate to the feelings you may be having.  However, I guarantee you will not experience the orange tan if you visit Rockstar Spray Tans.
Prior to winning the title of Mrs. Colorado, I was a client of Rockstar Spray Tans.  During my reign as Mrs. Colorado, I have continued to tan with them and was a frequent vistor as I prepared for the Mrs. America Pageant.

What I love most about Rockstar tans is that you leave looking natural and glowing.  There is nothing fake looking about it.  As a fair skinned, blonde, I have to be so careful not to overdo it.  I always feel confident getting my tans at Rockstar because I trust them to make my skin look terrific.  Athena and staff are great at assessing your skin, helping you select the right shade of tan and offer a very reasonable price.
If you are preparing for the Mrs. Colorado Pageant or just want a nice tan, I highly recommend visiting Rockstar Spray Tans. You will not be disappointed!
Note: If you are a contestant competing on May 18th, I recommend you call very soon to get on the books! Tell Athena that I sent you.

Rockstar Spray Tans
5231 South Santa Fe Blvd. # 202, Littleton CO 80120