Feeling Beautiful

Mrs. Colorado’s 90 Day Challenge- Day 17
Topic: Feeling Beautiful
Beauty starts from within, shines through your heart, and pours out for the world to see.  No matter what beautiful garment I wear, new purse I carry, or perfume I spray on me, I only feel as beautiful as my mind allows me to.  During this process, please take care of your mind, body, and soul first and everything else will follow.  With that said, I am absolutely the first one to admit that I LOVE beautiful things especially fancy evening gowns.  There is just something amazing about beads, jewels, and lace.

I have been thinking a lot about evening gowns lately because that is one of the components of the competition where you get to share your creativity, fashion, and personal style.  Many of the contestants at shopping day asked for advice on what dress to wear for evening gown.    I firmly believe that “the dress” is not what is going to make you win or lose but I do think that it can make the difference in how you feel on stage. 
When you select your evening gown, pick something that makes you feel like a million dollars!  I wore the same dress twice and won in it the second time.  I would have never thought that I would wear the same dress twice but as I tried on many other gowns, my heart kept going back to “my” dress.  Pick something that when you put it on, you feel unquestionably beautiful.  This will be your moment, be fabulous, and be you.
This photo was taken after the 2011 Mrs. Colorado Pageant.  In 2012, I wore the same dress, just took off the sleeve and added more crystals.  Wear what makes you feel beautiful.