Shopping and Mammograms- Could Life Get Any Better?

Mrs. Colorado's 90 day Challenge- Day 9
Topic: Shopping and Mammograms
My motivation to compete in the Mrs. Colorado pageant this past year was to chase my dream of becoming Mrs. Colorado after my sister’s diagnosis with breast cancer.  After my sister’s diagnosis, I realized that life is precious, we are blessed to have every day here on earth, and our dreams matter.   I was ecstatic when Emily Stark, my director, told me the Exempla St. Joseph Mammogram Bus will be at the Mrs. Colorado Shopping Day!  A mammogram saved my sister’s life at the age of 36 and I will be forever grateful for that technology.

So with that in mind, what could be better than shopping and a mammogram? The Mrs. Colorado Shopping Day is a fabulous day when all the contestants come to shop, plan their wardrobe for pageant week, and have the opportunity to have one on one time with me and other queens who may attend. Shopping day will be held this Saturday the 23rd at the Royal Image Boutique between the hours of 9-5pm.  I will be there waiting for you and am so excited to reconnect with old friends that I once competed with and meet new friends/contestants. Please remember that this is your time and you have an amazing journey ahead of you.  I urge you to leave the kiddos and hubbies at home and come have fun with the girls. I can’t wait to meet you and am so honored to be part of your journey. 
Mrs. Colorado contestants, remember you can schedule an appointment with us to ensure one on one time to review your wardrobe, share hopes, and just have a little time to catch up.  Of course, I have to leave you with a fun and accurate quote. (smile)

- Bo Derek