Taking Baby Steps

Mrs. Colorado's Challenge- Day 3
Topic: Baby Steps

Me and My Running Partner
I was never a runner until I moved to Colorado. I had gained a bunch of weight after having baby #2 and wanted desperately to get back into shape.  I remembered seeing groups of women running and talking and it looked so fun.  On night, I had a friend over and we started talking about the balancing act of being married, working, etc.  We both really wanted more time to connect with girlfriends and exercise on a consistent basis.  Shortly after that conversation, we made a commitment to run a few times during the week.  In the beginning it was painful because it was hard and I was not in condition. Together, we encouraged each other to continue and we soon set a goal to run our first half marathon.  We created a nine week running plan and before we knew it, we were on the trail of the Highlands Ranch Back Country Half Marathon.   Completing that goal never felt so good.  Running now is our social hour but more importantly it has helped me to stay committed to taking care of myself and particularly my cardiovascular health. 

During these winter months, it can be challenging to run outside.  With this in mind, I have recently been running on the treadmill and have had to find creative ways to keep myself motivated. I came across an interesting running drill, tried it, and LOVE it!  Of course, I just have to share it.

·         Start on the treadmill at a speed of 4.5 for 2 minutes

·         After the first two minutes, increase your speed by .5 for one minute (you should be running at 5.0)

·         Keep increasing your speed in increments of .5 until you get to a speed of 8.0.

·         Then drop your speed back down to 4.5 for 2 minutes.  This allows your heart rate to rest.

·         Repeat this routine five times.

This is a brutal run but is so much fun because it is super challenging and at the same time it forces you to focus on one level at a time- just like taking baby steps.  When I do this drill, I keep telling myself, “Come on, you can do anything for one minute!” If you run outside, you can apply this same strategy by setting your stop watch and increasing your speed each minute.

This running drill reminds me of preparing for the Mrs. Colorado pageant.  It can be overwhelming to think about the end goal of running a race or being in a swimsuit on stage. From running to preparing for Mrs. Colorado, it really helped me to switch gears and just focus on taking it one day at a time- take baby steps.  You can do this!