Photographing the Cover of the Mrs. Colorado Program Book for 2013

After competing in the Mrs. Colorado pageant three times, I am very familiar with the Mrs. Colorado program book. In fact, every year when I received it during pageant week, it felt like Christmas. Not only was I excited to see my photographs in the book which is more like a high quality magazine, but, I was excited to see what all my other queen sisters had done for their ad pages.  The photographs share so much more than beauty; they share creativity, style, and personality.

Since I was crowned Mrs. Colorado 2012 back in February of last year, one of the events I have been looking forward to all year is photographing the cover of the Mrs. Colorado program book. That day finally arrived last week and it was so incredible. 

 I have been lucky enough to have had many photo shoots over the years, but, none of them felt this special. This event was so different than the rest because of the wonderful people that attended. Emily Stark, my director and friend served as the creative executive and personal cheerleader. “Always saying things like, “this is going to be fabulous, you look incredible.”  DJ, from Timothy D’s Hair Salon, whom I call, “My Hair Master,” because he is so magnificent at creating fabulous hair, but, more importantly is just such a dear and kind friend of mine. Muchion Huges from The Make Up Store always makes my face look flawless.  My husband refers to Muchion’s makeup as movie star makeup (I love that!).  A big thank you to Raeanne with the Royal Image Boutique for letting me borrow a "to die for" dress!!! And finally, the incredible Megan Anderson at Graphique Fine Art Photography.  Megan is the kind of person that makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world when she is photographing you.  She literally makes you feel like a million bucks in front of that camera and is such a sweet person to be around.

I would like to give a huge “thank you” to all of the people who supported me at the photo-shoot.  I appreciate you all so very much and will always remember that day not because of how I looked but because of how you made me feel.

My ad page for Mrs. America. Thank you Megan Anderson!!