Motivational Blogs and Soul Sisters

Mrs. Colorado's 90 Day Challenge- Day 13
Topic: Motivational Blogs and Soul Sisters
I am so lucky to have amazing friends in my life and today I received an email from one of my best girlfriends and it made my day. We have been friends since the third grade and she is my soul sister!  I love her emails because she is always exploring new things and sharing them with me. Here is an excerpt from her most recent email.

 This blog is so inspiring

I've wanted something...a life make over sounds too drastic...but something tweaked to make things beautiful, super fun and just really enjoy life as much as possible. So this weekend I cleaned out my closet to start a time capsule wardrobe and made a list of items I really want to complete the look I love. The whole approach is less stuff and only getting the best you can afford. So you feel surrounded in beautiful, quality things.

 I checked out The Simple Luxurious Life website/blog and it is so fun and motivational, I just had to share it with you all.   She also surprised me with a birthday gift card to Lulu Lemon, one of my favorite stores.  My resourceful sister also included the below link to a pair of pants from Lulu Lemon that are supposed to be outstanding!  I will be purchasing them with her gift card and will plan to write a review so stay tuned….

 My Lululemon Wunder Under Crop pants


Who ever knew blogs could be so entertaining and resourceful at the same time?