Gather Support- Ticket Sales

Mrs. Colorado’s 90 Day Challenge- Day 15

Topic: Gathering Support- Ticket Sales

Tomorrow is ticket sale day for the Mrs. Colorado pageant that will be held on Saturday May 18th 2013 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. As I anticipate seeing all of the lovely contestants tomorrow, I am reminded of my own journey last year. “Ticket” day was a fun part of that voyage because it is one of the first events leading up to the big night. This is also a time to be reminded of all the people who love you and want to support you by sitting in your section or as my Dad said, "my peanut gallery!"   

My dear friend Renee joined me last year at ticket sales when I was a contestant.  We waited in line for hours together and had so much fun!  I think we solved all of the important issues of the world sitting on that hotel hallway floor, waiting in line.  I am so excited that she will be by my side tomorrow as Mrs. Colorado. Last year, she even organized a poster making party for everyone to come and make signs, banners, etc. for the big night.  It was SO much fun!!!
I can’t wait to meet everyone, hear about your journey thus far, and watch the excitement as all of you embark on your own discovery. Please remember that this is your journey, your adventure, your opportunity to discover YOU! Enjoy the ride!

My bestie and her banner that says Team Courtney! I am so blessed to have such great friends!

My sweet Olivia at my poster making party.  This was a poster for Mrs. Colorado, maybe the sign helped me win?!!

Ticket Sale Contest! One state finalist will earn a trip Cancun for five days and four nights. Support your state finalist to purchase your tickets and help them earn a trip to Cancun.!/Mrs.Colorado?bookmark_t=page

Thank you to Peter Guccione with for the sponsored adventure!

Did you know?

The Ellie Caulkins Opera House, colloquially known as “the Ellie,” is the premier venue inside of the historic Quigg Newton Denver Municipal Auditorium. The Ellie, a world-class acoustical hall designed in the lyric style, encompasses four levels. This magnificent space is humidified and provides state-of-the-art technical support as well as acoustical excellence and clean sight lines. The Ellie is one of only three opera houses in the United States, one of nine world-wide, with seatback titling at every seat in the house. The Ellie designed to attract top artists to the Mile High City and to make their performances unforgettable including the 2013 Mrs. Colorado Pageant. You can be part of Mrs. Colorado history and attend both the preliminary and final event. Tickets go on sale through state finalists on March 1, 2013 and March 3, 2013 via the website.