Creating A More Confident You

Mrs. Colorado’s Challenge: Day Two
Topic: Confidence

Some friends and I decided to climb our first 14er this past fall. I remember having conversations about all the things that could go wrong. We talked about not having enough water and food. We socialized being too cold and hot. We even discussed the possibility of one of us getting sick and/or injured and not being able to finish the hike. Being a group of optimistic gals, we quickly switched gears and started thinking of ways we could mitigate those potential problems. We then collectively started creating a list of things we would need to plan for and bring on our hike.  We even decided to “train” for the 14er by starting to take the stairs leading up to our office (6 flights of stairs) as much as possible so that we could get used to climbing.  Together we lifted each other’s worries and built confidence.

I love to read articles and search the internet for meaningful messages.  This morning, during my 5am run on the treadmill, I came across a fabulous article that really resonated with me because it reminded me of the story I just shared with you.

According to my favorite sports psychologist JoAnn Dahlkoetter, you can boost your confidence in five minutes.  Try this mental exercise:

Step #1- Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle.

Step#2- Write down all your negative thoughts about yourself or the goal you are trying to achieve- I’m too fat, I’m not strong enough to that workout, etc.  Write them down on the left hand side of the page.

Step#3- Look at the first negative sentence and ask yourself, “How can I coach myself through that?”  On the right hand side, write down a positive way to think about that fear.  If you’re afraid you’re not strong enough write, “There are people of all abilities and I get stronger every day.”
Step#4- Continue pairing every negative thought with a positive one until you’ve finished the list.  You’ll immediately feel better.  Save this paper to look at whenever doubts creep in.

As you prepare for Mrs. Colorado, it can feel overwhleming.  When you get these feelings, I urge you to try this mental exercise.  If I would have given up (it took me three times) I would never have had the opportunity to be Mrs. Colorado. You can do this!

At the top of my first 14er with friends Katie and Catherine. We did it!