Amazing Hair, Amazing People

Mrs. Colorado’s Challenge- Day 8

Topic- Amazing Hair, Amazing People

The hair is the richest ornament of women. ~Martin Luther
Me and My Hair Master at Mrs America 2012

Oh, I love that quote.  As women, we all know the magnificent feeling of having a good hair day and understand the negative moods that can be associated with a bad hair day!  For those of you who are participating in my 90 day challenge, I encourage you think about your “total package” and a part of that is your hair.  The good news is, if you don’t like your hair, we now live in a time and age where you transform your hair into literately anything you want.  Want longer hair, you got it.  Want thicker hair, you got it.  Want to wear a variety of lengths of hair in a week, you got it.  How you might ask?  Just visit Timothy D’s A Salon.

Today I had the privilege of visiting my favorite hair salon Timothy D’s A Salon and my favorite hair stylist, the dazzling DJ whom I refer to as “My Hair Master.” DJ is not only one of the nicest people I know but also one of the most talented hair stylists in Denver, particularly in the pageant world. From reality hair shows to writing his own book Updo-ology, this man has done it all.   

I first met DJ when I moved to Colorado (five years ago) and decided to compete in the Mrs. Colorado pageant. One of the fun perks about participating in Mrs. Colorado  is that you get the scoop on the cream de la cream of the styling world. I mean, who doesn’t want the cream de la cream working them over?  From elaborate updos to intricate hair extensions, DJ knows how to work his magic- and he does! Trust me, I know. This man (bless his heart) has been with me for three years competing in Mrs. Colorado and came with me to Mrs. America. Did I mention, he is patient? (smile)

The thing I love most about Timothy D’s A Salon is the people who work there. Owned by Timothy and DJ, their staff is kind, talented and passionate about what they do every day.  One of their values is giving back to the community which I admire and love. Please see the below to learn more about one of their upcoming event's Self Esteem Through Style.

For those ladies competing in Mrs. Colorado 2013, a little birdie told me DJ’s availability is filling up so be sure to call today.   As their tag line says, "It’s all about hair, heels and a great attitude!"

S.E.T.S. (Self Esteem Through Style) Event

S.E.T.S. is Timothy D's Youth Outreach Program, focused on children and young teens who have been bullied and broken down in schools and in turn have lost their own self-worth.

Our goal is to assist in giving back to them! We will be creating an entire makeover suited JUST for them! (Hair Styles and Color, Professional Make Up Artists, Photographers) If they can see themselves as beautiful as they REALLY are, that is the first step!

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity, ITS ALL FREE!!

If you know of a child or teen between the ages of 9 and 21 that is experiencing this negativity, please fill out the form located on their website. (see below)

April 6th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm

5500 East Yale Avenue
Suite #400
Denver, CO 80222

(303) 744-6444