After eight long days of rehearsals, new friendships, and many pairs of fabulous shoes, the final night had arrived. I was on the stage at Mrs. America.  I could hear the cheers of “Team Colorado” in the audience and see the posters with my picture and name waving in the air.  At that moment, I had never been so proud to represent our beautiful state of Colorado.  I realized, standing there, that the outcome did not matter. Mrs. America was already chosen and we were all waiting for it to be revealed. It did not matter who got the crown at the end of the night because we had all made it this far. Each state sister standing next to me was just as deserving as the next and I knew it was going to be a challenge for the judges.  It was that moment that I decided to enjoy every second because I knew it would soon be over.

We performed our opening act and stood on stage as they called out the top 15 semifinalist… “Mrs. Hawaii… Mrs. Tennessee… Mrs. Alaska… Mrs. North Carolina… Mrs. Minnesota…” the list went on and with each state that was named my heart raced faster and faster.  They announced the top fifteen and I was not one of them.  My heart did hurt a little bit (I won’t lie) but I was truly happy for my sisters who had made it for each and every one of them is truly amazing. Mrs. Alaska was crowned Mrs. America and she was beyond adorablel. The crown had gone to the right girl and I was so thrilled for her.  I remember at that moment of truth, I looked out into the crowd and saw my family in the distance. My two boys had the biggest smiles on their little faces. My mom and sister were rushing to meet me with their arms filled with beautiful bunches of flowers.  My husband was beeming and "Team Colorado" was proud.  My heart warmed as I knew God was giving me the signal to remind me of what is really important, my family. 
I did not shed a single tear that night. I stood proud and felt honored to be Mrs. Colorado, a mom of two boys, a wife of twelve years, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and most importantly- HAPPY!

Janell Aims, Mrs. Colorado 2011, Me, Mrs. California- Lahoma and Mrs. California 2011
Me, Mrs. California, and Mrs. Hawaii