Sheli, Emily (My Director), Shalon, Me, and Janell
Shalon Polson, Mrs. Colorado 2010, Janell Aims, Mrs Colorado 2011, and Sheli Silvius

Today team Colorado arrived and boy, what a feeling!  Our amazing director Emily Stark, my queen sisters Janell Aims and Shalon Polson, my dear friend Sheli Silvius, the fabulous makeup artist Kari Kish and last but not least my personal “hair master” and dear friend DJ and his amazing assistant Suzy!!  Oh the love was strong today! I kept thinking, I can’t wait till next year when I get to come and cheer on the new Mrs. Colorado 2013!!!
My Hair Master,DJ

The Fabulous Kari Kish

Me and Suzy
Mrs. Ohio, Emily, and Me