The Mrs. Colorado Organization is a proud sponsor of the Stop Child Trafficking Now Campaign.  The annual stilletto/walk will take place on September 30 at Dicks Sporting Good Park at 9:00 am.  We have put together a group of walker/runners/racers and we would love your support.

Did you know...
Child Trafficking is the recruitment, smuggling, transporting, harboring, buying or selling of a child through force, threats, fraud, deception, or coercion for the purposes of exploitation, prostitution, pornography, migrant work, sweat shops, domestic servitude, forced labor, bondage, peonage or involuntary servitude.
Child trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. UNICEF values the global market of child trafficking at over $12 billion a year with over 2 million child victims. Men, women and children are all victims but, the most vulnerable groups, those with limited rights or protections, have been the hardest hit… especially children.
Trafficking children into the sex industry is done because there is a demand. Predators seek out vulnerable victims and lure them under false pretenses into situations they cannot escape from. No matter the reason, children have become sexual commodities to be bought and sold for the pleasure of exploiters. These children are scarred for life and need help – our help.

Can you help?  Join the group Queen Runners and support a worthy cause later this month. 

Sign up now, http://events.sctnow.org/site/TR?fr_id=1274&pg=entry

Join Courtney as she runs to stop child trafficking.