We have been putting in long days but they are well worth the pain of blisters and sore feet! I meet my roommate, Mrs. Ohio last night and she is a doll. Her name is Deanna Holiday and I have already become incredibly fond of her. The best part about having a roomie is sharing the experience. You not only have a friend to eat lunch with, etc. but a partner to share stories, feelings, laughter and most importantly to make memories with. 

Me and Mrs. Ohio, Deanna Holiday
Our days have consisted of early mornings with lots of hair and makeup, breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30 and rehearsals starting immediately after breakfast. We have an hour for lunch and a group dinner.  So to sum it up, we are spending a lot of quality time together!
A huge thank you to everyone who has been sending me thoughtful notes, letters, and gifts.  It is the best feeling ever to receive a token of support from back home after a long day of being “on.” I have never felt so loved and supported.  Thank you!!

At the Diamond Back Baseball Game
Mrs. Hawaii, Me, Mrs. Ohio, and Mrs. California
With Some of My First Friends