Filling My Soul

Filling My Soul
 Me in the side car of a Harley
 I was blessed to be invited to the Veteran’s hospital to celebrate the Harley for Hero’s event.  This ended up to be an event that filled my soul with gratitude and gave me fulfillment that I would have never expected. 

It started off as a typical Sunday morning and I was still feeling the exhaustion from my long work week.  Selfishly, I remember I was even regretting committing to this event because I felt guilty for disappearing to another Mrs. Colorado appearance.

I arrived at the VA hospital and there were a sea of beautiful Harleys.  Men dressed in leather chaps and bandanas attended the bikes and filled the parking lot.  My eyes quickly were drawn to our heros, the elderly men who sat diligently in their wheelchairs waiting for their ride.  I approached one man named John and engaged in a conversation.  He shared his story of being in World War II and then asked to take a photo with me.  I instantly felt surprised that he wanted his photo with me?  He was the hero, not me…  I stood proud and humbled and it was an honor to take my photograph with John. 
I was so touched to have been given this hand made quilt

Later on in the day, I conversed with the Chief of Nursing.   As she shared her experience working at the VA hospital, she pointed out an elderly man that was being hoisted into the sidecar of a Harley.  She said, “Do you see that man there? He is a World War II vet and he has an amazing story.”   I leaned in and eagerly waited for more.  She continued to tell me that he was a veteran from World War II and was shot down by the Germans.  She said that when they (the German’s) got him, they were ticked and made him pay the price. They made him sit on a concrete slab for 18 months.  When the American’s rescued him, he returned to the United States and got his law degree. He was a founder of the CIA.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “He is our gem… or crystal… and it is an honor to take care of him.”  My eyes filled with tears and my heart swelled with gratitude.  It was at that moment that I felt the true power of the crown.  What an honor it was for me to give up four hours from my Sunday to spend with these amazing war heros.  My only regret is that I did not bring my ten year old son to experience this amazing event.