I arrived today to the beautiful state of Arizona! Cactus and amazing architecture are everywhere. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be here. Thanks to social media, many of us have been lucky enough to connect on Facebook prior to arriving.  With that said, Mrs. Washington, Jessica Riggs, and I coordinated our car ride to the Lowes Ventana Resort.  Our town Ccr driver was hilarious and a total expert on astrology!  Jessica and I had a lesson on astrology and now have a full understanding of why we, our family, and close friends act the way they do. Don’t worry, it was all good stuff!

I settled into my room and a bunch of us ladies met up for dinner at the Lounge at 6pm.  What amazing ladies I have met so far. Business owners, professionals, stay at home moms, yoga instructors, etc.  This is truly like a sorority of women coming together to celebrate our uniqueness.  Stay tuned…
At the Lowes