Being Mrs. Colorado, I am lucky to be invited to a variety of events.  Some are big galas while others are heartfelt opportunities working with charities in our community.  Late spring, I was asked to participate in the Mutts and Models fashion show at the Expo Center downtown and what a blast it was!  From outlandish tropical decor to fashionable pups dressed in gowns and bows adorned in their hair, it was an amazing experience. 

As I waited for the show to begin, I perused the program book and in bold letters it read “Celebrity Fashion Show” and then I saw my name, included in the list of celebrities.   I had to giggle as I thought, that’s funny- they are referring to me as a celebrity!  Continuing to giggle and a little flushed, I turned to my mom (my personal paparazzi) and showed her my name under the heading Celebrity.  She replied with, “You should save that one for the scrapbook!”

Back stage there was hair, make-up, and lots of beautiful outfits sponsored by Tommy Bahamas’.  By the way, I just love that store! I slip on their garments and instantly feel as if I should be lounging on a yacht. Oh, what a feeling!  As I sat back stage and waited for the show to being, I began feeling a little nervous as it has been some time since I’ve walked the catwalk.  Well, remember that saying, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget how?  That saying apparently applies to the runway too!  The music started pumping, lights were flashing, the stage person raised her hand and the models were in line, ready to take over the runway.  I was up and I remember the announcer sounded just like the MC at one of those MMA fighting tournaments with that loud, drawn out voice “And heeerrrre is Mrrrrssss. Colorado 2012, Courtney Graham with her darling little Pebbles!”  Gosh, it sounded like he was going to continue with – five foot six and weighing in at 110 pounds (okay, I don’t weigh 110 lbs.!).  Anyway, his voice was funny!  The crowd started cheering and I started moving!  It was amazing; all that nervousness when out the window and my old moves on the catwalk came to fruition.  It was so fun!  My heart was beating so fast and I was shakin my “thang” as I sauntered down that runway.  Good thing my little Pebbles was nervous or I think someone would have had to drag me off that stage. 

I think my mom was right, this event was one for the scrapbook!
At the Mutts and Models Event

I loved the tropical