I believe the tradition started last year after my Queen Sister, Janell Aims returned from Mrs. America.  Janell is the kind of person who has the biggest, kindest, heart and always wants to help out others. So it was no surprise that after participating in Habitat for Humanity at Mrs. America, she came back and organized an event here in Colorado for the delegates of Mrs. Colorado to participate in.  I was not able to attend last year, but, this year I was there with my tool belt and all. 

I had never built a home before or anything really for that matter so I knew this would be an adventure.  Frankly, I was a little skeptical because I know my construction ability (it’s bad) and was concerned for the people who will be living in this house.  I figured that the other delegates and I were in good hands when I saw the slew of construction staff as I pulled up to the site.  Several of my sisters were there so my anxiety quickly lessened.  We started off with listening to the project manager explain the mission of Habitat for Humanity and then directions for the day.  We then finished the introduction part and joined hands for a prayer.  It hit me at that moment; I was being part of something that was huge.  The community was coming together, sacrificing their own personal time, to build a home for someone who desperately needed it.  What an honor to be part of such an event. 
That day, I along with my Mrs. Colorado “sister” contestants, put up drywall and painted rooms.  Others did things like install garage doors, seal windows, etc.  At noon, we stopped for the presentation of a new owner receiving her very first home ever.  Watching this family stand in front of their home and listening to them thanking all of us for our hard work was overwhelming.  It was such a privilege to be part of something bigger than myself.  All that sweat, prickly fibers from the drywall material, and anxiety of being a construction worker for a day was all worth it.  Who knew Mrs. Colorado could be part of building a house?