My parents live in a wonderful community called Heritage Eagle Bend (HEB) and I was invited to attend a Health Fair hosted by 9 News.  What a fun filled day this was and so educational. As a full time human resource professional, mother of two, wife, and now Mrs. Colorado, it can sometimes feel like a balancing act trying to manage it all.  With that in mind, I try to attend as many events as possible where I can bring my family with me and the Health Fair was right up my alley. Spending a day with my boys and learning about health ranks high on my list of priorities. 

That day we visited with a range of physicians, nurses, fitness professionals and more. We toured the fair and were also introduced to many people who live in HEB.  I even met a college roommate of a Queen Sister. What a small world! After the tour, we were placed at a beautiful round table by the entry of the main entrance.  There was a huge boutique of spring flowers and a sign that read Mrs. Colorado. This was once again the “autograph table” that my husband continued to be in disbelief about (smile).  The cutest thing that I will always remember about this day is the little old man who was my biggest fan.  He was a retired physician and asked me to sign an autograph card for every single member of his family.  He also asked me THREE different times, if and when I was going to change into my swimsuit?  I giggled and gave him a hug instead.  However, the lesson learned from this darling elderly man is that “you’ll never get anything if you don’t ask!”