Veterans Hospital

Feb 16th

with Jonella, Jodi, and the volunteer coordinator, Lee Thompson

Visiting the VA is an annual Valentine’s tradition for the current Mrs. Colorado Queen and titleholders.  Jonella Roth and Jodi Michael Horner made the rounds with me during our visit, while Cara Marshall, Ayme Austin Kramer and Angelina Slack made their appearance the day before.

We had the opportunity to visit with patients who were recovering from different surgeries and also with patients going through physical therapy waiting to be released.  We also had a chance to visit with a representative from the PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) program, which effects many men and women of war.  It takes so much courage to get help and this program has saved and helped many veterans.

What an honor it was to thank the veterans for their servitude. 

Ayme, Angelina, Cara, and their escorts for the day
eating lunch with the girls and our escorts

with Marty, my awesome escort for the day and Father Dan