Children's Hospital

February 9th

Seeds of Hope Chapter

Here is the Logo we created for our Chapter at Children's Hospital

Starting a foundation or a non profit has always been a dream of mine even before becoming Mrs. Colorado.  After participating in the "Queen for a Day" event at Children's Hospital earlier in my year, I was touched by not only the brave children but also the courage of their parents.  Having three children myself, it was hard not to put myself in their shoes.  I could not even begin to imagine the strength it would take to look at your little one and feel so helpless.  I needed to do something to give back to the parents.  After brainstorming, Becca Smith and I decided to create a chapter at Children's Hospital geared towards refueling and rejuvenating the parents of the patients.  We decided to put together a spa day for the mothers of the NICU.  It was a HUGE success.  These women were pampered with manicures, chair massages, blow outs, and snacks.  We also provided instruction on crocheting and offered yarn and needles for them to pass the time.  I am incredibly proud of this event and our chapter, Seeds of Hope.  I am looking forward to hosting many more events in the future.
With Becca Smith at our first Seeds of Hope event
Due to confidentiality we did not take photos of the participants.