Christmas Parade

December 10th

Being from a small town has many perks and one of my favorites is the closeness we share as a community. There are many gatherings, celebrations, events, and parades in our town of Parker. The town has been so wonderful and encouraging to me over the years and I am honored to represent them. Being a mom and having my children share in the traditions of the community is important to me and my husband, it creates a sense of pride, a feeling of unity, and gives them a foundation.
With the holidays in full force our town is gearing up for many special events one of which is the Holiday Parade.
"Another Parade?" my oldest son says with a roll of his eyes, I respond with a simple, "Yes".  While it may be just another parade to my kids, I am always happy to see the smiling faces of the children enjoying our local parade and waving at a real live "princess". For me wearing this crown is about what I can give to others and sometimes that is just a friendly smile and a wave.

with the Boy Scouts,
what an amazing organization doing great things for our young men.

with Santa and Mrs. Clause. 
(Mrs. Clause was a teacher at the elementary school I attended)