Parade and Tree Lighting

Southlands Mall
November 19th
I have mentioned before the importance of making and creating relationships. I believe that people are brought in and out of your life for reasons, some are meant to stay and others are only meant to pass through for a short time. I am in the eighth month of my reign and many of my current appearances have come about because of relationships or appearances I had done in the earlier part of my year. I have been invited back or met someone new at an event and they invited me to be a part of something they were creating, nonetheless here I am back at Southlands Mall. I was here in September judging the Project Style Fashion Show. Joyce, the event coordinator called and invited me to ride in the parade with the winner of the Project Style Fashion show, Karly. It was great seeing her again and it was nice to share another event with my family who cheered on the side as we rode by in our horse drawn carriage, after the Grinch but before Santa.
(Pictures to come soon)