Shopping Day

October 28th 2011
Ok so I have to admit that although I had a great time meeting and hearing all about what the amazing titleholders are up to, I was slightly envious of the planning and excitement of pageant preparations. Don't get me wrong I love being on this side, but there is something so thrilling about preparing for competition and I am somewhat sad that I will never experience that again.
Now that I am done with my mini pity party I can share with you the benefits of being the "queen" at shopping day.
What an incredible group of women I was able to meet with on shopping day, some returners I had never met, some new, and some returners I have competed with in previous years. I am beyond the moon excited for each and everyone one of them.
The opening number dresses looked fabulous and with three different colors to chose from each lady could pick the perfect hue. I had the chance to help a few with their evening gowns, and talk with some of the new gals about pageant week. It was nice to be able to visit with Emily and Raeanne, the owner of Royal Image Boutique and Mrs. Colorado 2000.   Hearing about some of the surprises Emily has prepared for the big show makes being on this side even more exciting, and I still get to be a part of the coming events just on a different level. Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous ladies at ticket sales and during pageant week.
with two of my queen sisters, Emily (2002) and Raeanne (2000)
Emily is our State director and Raeanne owns Royal Image Boutique

Three current titleholders, Erin Feltes, Roni Bibb, Valentina Anderson

with Amy Austin Kramer, Valentia Anderson, and Erin Feltes