Photo Shoot

Program Book Cover Shoot
October 13th and October 16th 2011
One of my most favorite aspects of competing in the pageants over the years has been creating the ad page for the program book. This year is no different- except it will be the front cover.
I can hardly wait to see the finished product from the two photo shoots we put together. The concept for the shoots were on completely different spectrums, which makes it all the more fun.
Our first shoot was beautifully designed from the elegant attire to the gorgeous back drop.
The second shoot was entirely edgy, the makeup, the hair, the background, and the outfit.
With a team like ours you can't go wrong. Emily was the driving force behind the ideas, Megan captures the image behind the camera, Kari brought her magic paint brushes and DJ created a one of a kind look, from the visions to the collaborated talents of our crew, it is going to be spectacular! I can only anticipate which image will be chosen, but I know it will be incredible.
Our Colorado Crew.
This was just one of the two shoots.

Kari Kisch putting on some final touches

DJ from Timothy D's, using his skills to perfect our look.

Megan Anderson from Graphique Photography,
checking lights one last time before capturing the moment.