Field trip

People in our Community Field trip

October 6th 2011

I absolutely love being involved in my children's school and classrooms. I enjoy getting to know the staff and students where my children spend their days. I also feel there is something unsaid when they see my involvement with their education, friendships, and activities. Plus, let's be honest there is that added bonus of them knowing "mom is watching". I am hoping to set up and create this foundation for my children where they know I am here and they follow my lead. I am walking the walk.

I was honored to be asked by the second grade team of teachers to help create and speak at the field trip where they would be learning about "People in the Community". I quickly got on the phone and asked the mayor of our town, David Casiano to help out as well. He is a friend of mine and I knew he would be an incredible resource and besides that, to the children he is like the president.
We had a great time touring our new performing arts center which was led by the mayor, watching a fire and police demonstration, walking through an old school house on Mainstreet, and enjoying sweet treats from our local cupcake place, Nomelie's Cupcakes. 

with Mrs. Waite's 2nd grade class from Cherokee Trail  Elementary
and David Casiano, the mayor of Parker.

with Mrs. Waite, David Casiano the mayor of Parker, and Griffin my son.