Project Style

 Style Off and Fashion Show

September 2nd

The only picture I was able to get with Mondo before the show started
 because after everyone ran for cover from the torrential down pour.

Judges- Dana Kurts and Mondo

Judging with  Odell Stroud

This one has definitely been right up there as one of my favorite events.  I was asked to help judge the Style Off and Fashion Show event at Southlands Mall.  The concept was really fun and exciting and I had the opportunity to judge with Mondo from Project Runway and Odell Stroud.  Individuals who had the gift and talent of style were able to compete against each other on line.  Over the course of six weeks, votes were calculated and six winners were announced.  These six winners then went on to compete against each other for the final round at Southlands Mall.  The winner received a $1,000 gift card to the mall.
The Style Off began with an introduction of the contestants and a short description of their personality and personal style, then they were each given a gift card for $200.  The contestants had one hour to shop the entire outdoor mall and create a look from head to toe that would showcase their personal style all while staying under the $200.   During their shopping spree the judges and audience were entertained with dancers and updates on what to look for this fall in fashion.  As final judging drew near so did the storm clouds that had been hovering earlier in the day.  Unfortunately, the event was cut short due to a down pour.  A winner was quickly announced and everyone scattered for shelter.

Mondo giving us a heads up on what to look for this Fall.

some of the adorable models strutting their stuff on the runway.

the contestants showing their final looks.

The rain unfortunately put an abrupt end to the show.