Women's Build

Habitat for Humanity
August,  20th

When I was at Mrs. America we all participated in a Women's Build for Habitat for Humanity.  It was an extremely rewarding experience for me and I had vowed that when I returned home I was going to team up with the Colorado Habitat and create a Women's Build.  I mentioned my idea to Emily, our Mrs.. Colorado director, and she too loved the idea and said she would help gather current titleholders to help out my efforts.  I am so grateful to the gals who came out for the day and from all over Colorado.  We managed to put up insulation, help with dry wall preparations, and even some of the braver ladies headed to the roof to secure the framing.  Thank you ladies for making it possible!!  Looking forward to our next build.
with my niece, Shalie, dad and step mom.
They stopped by our job site for a quick visit.
with Rita Case
Jen Rindahl
Erin Feltes putting up insulation.

The girls hard at work moving dry wall around.

Emily Stark prepping for dry wall.
Valentina Anderson getting down and dirty.

Our hard working crew!