Tea Party

 Senior Citizen Home
September 1st

with my mother-in-law, mother and other volunteers from the nursing home.

My mother and mother- in- law lead by example. These women are always doing for others and not just for their own family and friends, but those outside their inner circles.  They both volunteer at the Castle Rock Senior Citizen home.   They coordinate and encourage social activities every Thursday afternoon.  They have done everything from crafts, games, gift giving to themed parties.  They were organizing a tea party and thought it would be great for me to join in the fun.  I had the pleasure of meeting and mingling with some extraordinary individuals who have seen, lived, and experienced incredible events over the course of their lives.  They were so happy to share their adventures and reminisce with me, I also received many words of wisdom and advice for my own life.  I am so grateful for the afternoon I was able to spend with them all.

Joe and I had a really good visit, he used to be a musician and school teacher.

with my mother and a good friend of our family, Stephanie.