Queen for a Day

August 8th
I have been looking forward to attending a Children's Hospital event since the moment I was crowned.  This is usually a hands down favorite and I knew I would feel the same.  Having three children of my own I could only anticipate how I would be touched.  I have been blessed to have only used the facility for my own purposes for a minor surgery a few years ago to get my son's adenoids removed.   I remember looking around at the other parents walking around the hospital and realizing that for some of them this is a daily occurrence.  
I was given the opportunity to come and celebrate "Queen for a Day" with all the children.  I was accompanied by Tori and Ashley (Miss Colorado Teen World and JR Miss Colorado World) and some wonderful men in uniform, firefighters from the local precinct.
We greeted, took pictures, created crafts, and crowned our own little princesses.  The children had an amazing time and for one moment I think they forgot where they were and why they were in the hospital.  The smiles made your heart melt and the excitement made it all worth everyone's efforts.  I also had a chance to visit a floor of children who were in the hospital for various reasons.  We were greeted by big smiles and appreciative families.
I am looking forward to volunteering my time again in the near future and even collaborating with Children's to create new event ideas.

with Tori, Miss Teen Colorado World and Ashley, Jr Miss Colorado World.

I will post more pictures of the days events when I receive them from the photographer.