Celebrity Waiter

Concert for KidsAugust 27th

Walter Isenberg with his wife Christie, who is the founder and director for Concert for Kids.

No I do not consider myself a celebrity, but nevertheless I was invited to attend the Celebrity Waiter event which helped to raise money and awareness for Concert for Kids, which helps local children's charities.  They proudly support over 40 children's charities with a primary focus on health care and education.  It was a crazy night at Shanahan's Restaurant with the wait staff dressing up in costumes, dancing and singing for donations, and a few local firefighters there willing to take off their shirts for the cause.  I fortunately was able to stay clothed and save myself from the embarrassment of sharing my gorgeous singing voice.  I greeted patrons as they entered and visited with the staff.  I was the hostess with the mostess!

with some amazing people who are making a difference.

with some of the beautiful patrons of the evening.

Happy to have run into some family members at this event.
Pipr and Bret Ames
One lucky lady being attended to by the firemen dressed in their very best!
What a fun night and all for an organization doing great things for our children in the community!!