Back to school

August 1st
Where did summer go?  I feel like right when we settled into the idea of longer evenings and pool parties it was once again time to switch gears and begin preparations for "Back to school".  We did not even have two full months off for summer vacation being on a modified traditional schedule.  I am not used to seeing pool toys and school supplies sold in conjunction, it just feels wrong.  
I think a part of me would not have been ready even if it were the more traditional three months off, I am not emotionally ready to send all three of my little ones back to school.  My baby is a kindergartner this year, which means they have all entered elementary school.  They of course are ecstatic, to see friends, to be in a new grade, and to be back on a schedule.
The days, seasons, and years seem to be passing by quicker and quicker, as my grandmother always says they do the older you get.  As I have mentioned before in earlier posts, I am thrilled that they are all doing so well and growing into wonderful individuals, but a part of me is feeling the conclusion of a season.  A season that I happen to love very much!  I am excited to see what the new chapter holds, what will be my next adventure, only time will tell.

My sweet little ones on their first day of school.
The signs are tradition in our family and go way back, thanks mom.