Judging the Cinderella Pageant

May 27th-May 29th, 2011

I did not grow up competing in pageants and have my own thoughts on young girls competing in beauty contests, after all I myself have a five year old daughter.  At least I did, until being asked to judge the Cinderella Pageant.  My previous stereotypes had been proven wrong and at the end of the weekend I even considered putting my daughter in next years Cinderella pageant competition.  I had the privilege of judging with a mother daughter team who are the current directors of the Cinderella pageant in New Mexico.  The competition took place over three days and we judged interview and interactive play for the little ones, talent and onstage questions for the little ones, active wear, and party dress.  I was blown away with many of the talents these young women and girls performed on stage from singing while playing the piano to dance and acrobatic routines.  Elizabeth Burrill, the director, places an importance on fellowship and encouragement.  During the three days of competition Elizabeth plans fun and interactive activities for the girls to do during down times, they had a pool party, a small BBQ and carnival, and an awards dinner.  The emphasis of this particular pageant is youth development, that is why like the Mrs. Colorado pageant many of the contestants return year after year.

with my judging partners, Frieda and Desiree.

with Elizabeth Burrill, the Cinderella Pageant director